Primary ACL repair: Back to the future

Darwin defined Evolution: Progression without planning

Our teachers and mentors laid the foundation on the basis of which we are able to understand and perform successfully ACL reconstruction. The true journey to treat ACL tear started in mid-seventies and eighties when surgical options were either primary ACL repair or reconstruction. With advances in arthroscopic equipment favoring more toward reconstruction the interest towards primary ACL repair was lost.

By revisiting early 80’s literature it gave more in-depth scientific data showing promising result of primary ACL repair in selected group of patients. We have seen huge interest especially in the last five years toward various techniques on primary ACL repair being published. In the past 12 months 8 systematic review have been published on primary ACL repair. The most important question is does the torn ACL has potential to heal? can we save the ACL ? if you are interested in this topic then come and join us to learn from histology of ACL tissue in my journey of primary ACL repair


  • History of ACL repair
  • Histological evaluation of torn ACL tissue
  • Scientific data on ACL repair and results
  • Various surgical techniques of Primary ACL repair
  • My technique of single anchor ACL repair


Dr Umer Butt MD, MRCS, FRCS T&O
Director Sports Surgery Fellowship AO Hospital
Director Medical Education AO Hospital
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Knee and Shoulder Specialist
AO Hospital Karachi, National Hospital Lahore Pakistan
Circle Bath Hospital United Kingdom


Dr Muhammad Tahir , MBBS, MRCS
Resident Orthopaedic Surgeon
Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre
Karachi Pakistan



Date and Time

2020-06-22 @ 07:00 PM
* All event times are in EST (Toronto)

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