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Work Life Balance

The term ‘Work Life Balance’ seems to implicate a conflict of balance between two opposite and different entities – ‘Work’ and ‘Life’. As a result, young surgeons, as they struggle with long working hours, pressures of training and difficulties of settling down in life may believe that ‘Hard work’ is the source of difficulties and disappointments in life. This can cause an eternal conflict in the minds of a young doctor and a perennial dilemma on how much dedication of time and resource that one must dedicate to their profession. Handling this dilemma can be an important determinant in achieving success and also deciding the heights to which one may rise in his profession. The social media is saturated with various discussions and on this topic and there is a confusion between ‘Hard Productive Work’ and ‘Stress at Work’. While the former is important for progress and achievements, the latter is the cause for dejection and disappointment. It is important that these two entities are differentiated.


  • Hard work is essential for success and realisation of one’s ambition but however it should not be in excess and at the sacrifice of the family friends and physical and mental health.
  • Young surgeons must learn to differentiate very quickly between hard work from stress. While hard work has not killed anybody, there are many people who have died of stress. Stress usually comes out of poor performance.
  • “Work Life Balance” is essentially “Work Wife Balance” and once the family is in alignment with the ambitions and aspirations of a person, most problems are solved.
  • The power for hard work is given by “Vitamin P” (Passion) and not by the drive for “Vitamin M” (Money)


Prof S Rajasekaran, Ph.D.
Chairman,Dept of Orthopaedic & Spine Surgery, Ganga Hospital
Chair , AOSpine International Board
Past President, SICOT

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Wednesday October 7 @ 10AM EDT
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