Will I have the opportunity to interact with speakers during the session?2020-05-29T11:01:33-04:00

Each session will give attendees an opportunity for discussion and collaboration with guest speakers, and moderator Dr. Mohit Bhandari, Editor-In-Chief. Each session will start with a short presentation from the keynote, followed by time for interactive discussion.

Will I have access to the recordings and materials?2020-05-29T11:04:08-04:00

All conference sessions will be recorded and posted on this site at the end of the event, so you can view all Virtual Conference sessions at your convenience.

When I try to connect, it says there is already a meeting in progress.2020-05-29T11:10:30-04:00

This happens if you are using the incorrect link (connecting to the Webinar with a Meeting link and vice versa). Please read the connection instructions carefully – it will explain which link to click on when.

If you are clicking on the correct link, try to exit the Zoom app and retry. Still not in? Then reboot your computer – this has worked for many of our attendees.

If you have any questions, contact us at info@myorthoevidence.com

What Video Conferencing Platform Will be Used?2020-05-29T11:00:14-04:00

The session will take place on a video conferencing tool called Zoom. Zoom can be used with all types of devices – PCs, Macs, tablets, iPhones, Android, and more!

The first time you access Zoom (by clicking on a link in an email), you will be prompted to download an application – this is a small program and will only take a couple minutes. You can join a meeting with or without signing in to an existing Zoom account.

If you have never used Zoom before, we STRONGLY encourage you review the following information especially since we cannot troubleshoot your video / sound issues remotely.

What is the format of the session?2020-05-29T11:00:58-04:00

Each session will give attendees an opportunity for discussion and collaboration with guest speakers, and moderator Dr. Mohit Bhandari, Editor-In-Chief. Each session will start with a short presentation from the keynote, followed by time for interactive discussion.

What happens once I register?2020-05-29T11:03:12-04:00

Once you register, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to connect to the conference.

What are the technical requirements needed to participate?2020-05-29T11:02:41-04:00

To participate, you need an Internet connection and web browser. For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you join the conference using a supported internet browser, which includes Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended as some functions, such as chat, are not fully supported.

What are the guidelines for Meeting Rooms?2020-05-29T11:17:00-04:00

When you are in a Meeting Room, please follow the guidelines below.

  • If you are NOT actively speaking, please mute your microphone as background noise can be a distraction.
  • Consider the use of a headset instead of using your computers audio and speakers.
  • We encourage attendees to use their webcam. If you do experience internet connectivity issues, turn off your webcam – this frees up some bandwidth that can sometimes help.
Joining a Meeting2020-05-29T11:08:37-04:00

Events during the Virtual Conference will be held in meeting format. Meetings are designed to be collaborative events with all participants being able to screen share, turn on their video and audio, and see who else is in attendance.

Is there industry funding for these events?2020-06-17T17:37:48-04:00

There is no industry funding for these events. Any conflicts of interest will be disclosed at the beginning of each session.

I am using an iPad or tablet. Can I still participate?2020-05-29T11:07:54-04:00

Yes – Zoom can be used on a variety of devices including iPads and Android tablets. You will want to review this Zoom FAQ as the screens / settings will differ slightly from computers.

I am registered but how do I to connect or find out more?2020-05-29T11:07:16-04:00

All registered attendees will receive an email which includes important details about joining the Virtual Conference activities on the Zoom platform.

If you do NOT receive an email (check your spam folder), please contact us at info@myorthoevidence.com

How much do I need to pay to register for the virtual conference?2020-05-29T11:06:36-04:00

The virtual conference is free of cost.

How many people will be in attendance?2020-05-29T10:59:05-04:00

The small group session is targeted to promote more interaction and access to the speakers. This is a very targeted program to ensure that attendees are given unprecedented access to the speakers.

How do I join computer/device audio?2020-05-29T11:09:18-04:00

On most devices, you can join computer/device audio by clicking Join Audio, Join with Computer Audio, or Audio to access the audio settings. Learn more about connecting your audio.

How can I ask a question of a presenter or panelist?2020-05-29T11:15:52-04:00

If you move your cursor to the bottom of the Zoom screen, you will see a Chat button. Click on that, move to the right-hand box that appears, click in the area that says “Type message here” and type your question. A moderator will ask the questions as time permits.

 If you have a question not related to the presentation (technical or other), please only send your Chat message to the Host.

Help – I no longer see my Zoom screen?2020-05-29T11:17:50-04:00

If your Zoom screen disappears, it may be that you have switched to another application on your computer. Look at your taskbar at the bottom and look for the blue Zoom symbol. Click on it.

If this doesn’t fix it, you may have accidentally minimized the Zoom screen. Check to see if there is a small window on the upper right of your screen. Hovering over the bottom of this window will provide you with an icon to exit minimized mode.

Do I have to be visible on Video during the session?2020-05-29T11:02:05-04:00

While we encourage video interaction during questions, it is not mandatory. The richness of the experience will be heightened, we believe, if you consider have yourself on video mode so moderators and speakers can interact with greater personalization.

Can I Use Bluetooth Headset?2020-05-29T11:09:55-04:00

Yes, as long as the Bluetooth device is compatible with the computer or mobile device that you are using.

Can I chat with another attendee?2020-05-29T11:16:28-04:00

You can use the Chat button during Meeting Room to “talk” to another attendee. Just specify the name of the person you want to speak with instead of “Everyone” and type away.

Please make sure you include your full name when joining a Zoom meeting or webinar so people know it’s you. You can also change it when you are in the Meeting by clicking on the three dots next in your Zoom square.

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